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The best strategy for going solar depends on a few factors including your utility company.

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Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel

SOLAR is the Future of Clean Power

Harnessing energy through solar power is one of the biggest steps towards a more eco-friendly future. Sourcing energy in a clean and efficient manner is a responsibility Arizona residents take seriously and are leading the charge in helping the environment.

With the emerging technology that goes into smart homes and electric vehicles, energy consumption has risen substantially. We believe it is more important than ever for homeowners all around Arizona to transition into this new eco-friendly electric lifestyle. What better way than to power your home and vehicles with clean and renewable energy. The long list of benefits that come with solar panels has already encouraged thousands of homeowners in The Valley to switch to solar power. Join the movement and start saving while protecting the environment!

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Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel
Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel
Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel
Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel

Experienced Industry Professionals!

Visit with our team of residential solar specialists who will help you with any solar installation and service needs. With years of experience and many positive reviews, we are proud to have taken the time to refine our craft and build incredible relationships with our customers.

Have you ever wondered why the solar industry has been growing so rapidly? In the past, solar followed a one-size-fits-all approach. Naturally that meant that it did not fit the plans and budgets of many homeowners. You may have even looked into solar in the past and come to the conclusion that it was not a good fit for you. Over the last few years the solar industry has evolved to deliver custom offerings and programs to fit your exact situation. It is no longer a question of if solar can benefit you; the question now is which solar program can benefit you the most. Find out today!

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Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel
Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel
Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel
Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel
Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel

Many APS Customers Are Going Solar:

What's The Reason?

Each Arizona homeowner is unique in their motivations for obtaining a home solar system, however, there are certain commonalities prevalent throughout.


Putting Power Back Into The People's Hands!

Considering the yearly increasing cost of APS electricity, it makes sense for local homeowners to explore what money-saving options are available. One of the most common conclusions that many Arizona homeowners reach is to ease the burden of APS utility expenses via the miracle of photovoltaics - or a solar system! The average solar system substantially increases a home’s value and simultaneously ensures that the cost of current and future consumption is dramatically reduced.


Additional Solar Info

The Drawbacks Of Traditional Electrical Supply (APS)

As time & technology have progressed, the many fallibilities of powering a home through the traditional power grid have become apparent.

  • Increases Pollution
  • Greenhouse Emissions
  • Solid Waste Production
  • Ever-Climbing Costs
  • Economically Fickle
  • Power Grid Overburden
  • Outages & Shortages
  • Seasonal Price Fluctuation(s)
  • No Property Value Increase
  • Incompatible With Storage & Future Use


The Many Benefits of Going Solar in Arizona With POWERCAMEL

Solar customers will readily attest to the many benefits of using green renewable energy. Whether your interest in solar lies in the value a solar system adds to homes or the day-in/day-out savings associated with a residential solar system, the benefits are bountiful.

  • Environmentally Conscientious
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Sustainable Longterm
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Harnesses Green/Clean Energy
  • Reliability In Renewability
  • Advocates Self-Sufficiency
  • Resistant To Supply Reduction
  • Promotes Alternative Energy Awareness
  • Utility Independence
  • Virtually Year-Round Production
  • Pays For Itself
  • Profitable For Excess Production
  • Multi-Faceted Application
  • Safer Than Traditional Electrical Current


Some Local Solar Benefits Are Naturally Built-In!

Every homeowner in AZ can appreciate the idea of government-supported programs that apply to their particular living situation, however, it is worth noting that there are limited timeframes for credits, rebates, and government-based incentives.

    Real Monthly Savings

    Increase in Property Value

    Enhanced Curbside Appeal


Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel



Residential Solar Installation Services with Power Camel

Other Solar Benefits Are Purely Because of POWERCAMEL!

    Immediate Upfront Savings!

    FREE Smart Home System

    No Payments For 18 Months!

Being a locally-owned, operated, and trusted solar company in Arizona, we understand & equally appreciate the need for affordable, reliable energy. Furthermore, there are many solar incentives, rebates, & programs that help facilitate our client's solar panel system purchase.


POWERCAMEL's Role in The Solar World

At Power Camel, we have compiled the best technologies and financing options currently available and are apprised of the newest developments in the solar industry. With all of these options, we are in a consultatory role on behalf of many local Arizona homeowners interested in purchasing or leasing a photovoltaic solar system. We facilitate the purchasing, financing, and leasing along with the design, permits, and installation of our clients’ solar systems. Every step of the process is handled by our experienced crews to ensure a timely & efficient process for all our solar projects.

Solar System Basics

Most solar projects tend to follow a generally predictable path. There are several stages involved with upgrading a local home with solar power in Arizona that are crucial to the overall longevity, performance, & reliability of the solar system.

Our experienced solar professional will consult with you to determine your goals and needs. We educate you on important factors such as size, location, panel count, array design, and placement.

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Our local solar expert in Arizona will visit your property and assess its viability for equipping it with a supportive solar system.


Constructing a safe, sound, & productive solar system is absolutely essential to the longterm savings to be garnered through the conversion of solar energy into electricity.

We use the information gathered during the inspection to develop the most effective design to ensure maximal output, performance, & production.


Depending on the city and neighborhood requirements, HOA approval and city permits may be necessary before proceeding with the solar system installation. We handle all of these steps to simplify your solar journey.


Our professional solar installation crews will coordinate a preferable timeframe around your convenience; this is usually a one-day install.


There are many options available for those interested in pursuing the benefits of solar, including solar leasing, solar financing, and purchasing the solar system outright. With that in mind, we work directly with our clients to ensure the acquisition of their solar system is as financially responsible for their needs as it is environmentally responsible for the rest of the planet. Contact us at Power Camel if you are interested in learning more about which solar options best fit your home layout, electrical consumption needs, and budget.

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Solar System

Solar system leasing enables local homeowners to immediately equip their homes with a solar system without a down payment. Leasing a solar system is best suited for homeowners who do not have enough tax liability to claim the federal tax credit.

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Solar System

Financing a solar system in Arizona can often appear intimidating for those unfamiliar. We here at Power Camel make the financing process of a solar system quick, painless, and fruitful! We qualify customers in minutes for $0 down financing with rates as low as 0.99%.

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Solar System

Some customers prefer not to lease or finance their solar system. If you have the funds to purchase a solar system with cash, we do offer cash discounts. An outright purchase provides the most long-term savings and is a great option for those who plan to live in their home for decades.

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Our Local Solar Company in AZ Offers Cost-Free Solar Consultations!

The solar industry (especially in Arizona) is an ever-evolving, expansive industry. It can be daunting to navigate the solar industry alone. This is why we are dedicated to educating Arizona homeowners about the benefits and potential pitfalls of solar. We believe customers who are properly educated are far more likely to achieve an optimal outcome.




Here Are A Few Areas of Note We Go Over During Our Solar System Consultations



Solar System Savings Potential:

  • Monthly Savings With A Solar System:
    Homeowners with a supportive solar system can expect upwards of 90% of a return on their current monthly electrical/utility bill.

  • Quarterly Savings With A Solar System:
    Reported savings enjoyed per quarter with a solar system is around $850 with an average-sized residential solar system.

  • Annual Savings With A Solar System:
    While the size of the solar system directly affects production, most solar systems produce an average savings of at least $3,400 per year.

  • Property Value Increased By A Solar System:
    On average, the value of most homes that are equipped with a solar system is increased by nearly $10,000, or up to 4.1% of the property’s overall value.
Solar System Array Specifics:

  • Solar System Array:
    Design (System Placement & Optimization)

  • Solar System Array:
    Size (Panel Count & Battery Location)

  • Solar System Array:
    Projected Output/Production (kWp)

  • Solar System Array:
    Mediation (Permitting & Logistics)

  • Solar System Array:
    Installation (Timeframes & Project Management)